“The boat is safer anchored

  at the port, but that’s not

  the aim of boats.” 

 - Paulo Coelho /  The Pilgrimage -


Your PRO AV sales agent in the region

Footprint Latin America SAS is an independent sales agency, aiming to help brands touch base in Latin America. Our focus goes to solutions in the pro AV / IT installation market. Simply because that is we are good at. Since 2008 I have been active in the AV business. It is a very interesting and evolving market that has always attracted me. Success in this market is not only based on a good product/market fit, but equally dependent on the choice of  the right reseller. Partnership acquisition and management is key in this business, and this is our biggest asset.



Imagine you have a product line that is fit for a global market, but you have no clue where to start in an emerging  economy  such as Latin America ?

Consider a low cost– high impact approach by hiring Footprint Latin America to do this job for you.


We have more then 8 years experience in Latin America and we have built a solid network of  more then 1500 PRO AV and IT integrators and distributors. We can help you to select the right partner  and we  make sure they get certified to represent your products professionally in the targeted counties. In cooperation with those partners we will make sure your brand gets the well deserved visibility and market share.



•    A 10 year track record in the PRO AV  industry in Europe and Latin America

   First class, spanish and english commercial and technical  support 

•    A super ambitious , experienced(pre) sales and aftersales team helping your brand get successful in        the minimum amount of time

•    Logisitic advise and support regarding import regulations and shipping (optional)

   Kickstart access to a curated network of  +1500 AV resellers, IT integrators or distributors in  the 

      continent – we know all the valuable players 

•    Local marketing support and advise to make the best ROI marketing decisions

    And.... obviously increase your market share !

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